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From: The Editor

Dear Reader,
If you’re anything like me you must be sick to death of the amount of trash out there in the bodybuilding and fat loss world like pills, and so-called ‘miracle fat loss’ drugs being bandied about by profit-hungry companies who are eager to play on people’s dreams and goals, and care nothing for their consumers.  It’s a measure of our society that we place so much value on convenience and quick fixes these days, that we’re quite willing to sacrifice our own health and well-being – I mean, come on, whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned hard work and discipline?

It was therefore a breath of fresh air to take a look at

Tom, being a natural bodybuilder himself, values the importance of good nutrition and avoiding those so-called ‘miracles’, and this is evident even from the Burn The Fat homepage.

‘Burn The Fat’ is called The Best Selling Fitness E-Book in Internet History – a bold claim you may say – but does it live up to this?

Well, from Page 1, Tom pulls no punches.  If you’re willing to apply what Tom says and back it up with hard work you will succeed.

Don’t think that you can just pick this book up, read it once and hey presto! you get the body you’ve always wanted.  This is the beginning of a journey of change – by applying what Tom says step-by-step you’ll be changing your habits and lifestyle to create a healthier, happier and more successful you.  You’ll create long-term change, and long-term gain.

The goal setting chapter is worth it’s weight in gold and perfectly placed at the beginning of the book – it’s the kind of thing that you’ll come back to again and again, even for things completely unrelated to your training and fitness regimes.  It sets you off on the right foot as it’s absolutely fundamental to any success you achieve.

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"But I'm Not A Bodybuilder, Will It Work For Me?"

The best thing about this program
is that even though it’s written by a successful bodybuilder it’s not exclusively for bodybuilders.  Unlike many books and programs written by bodybuilders that tend to assume you want to be the next Mr. Universe (or Miss Universe :) ), ‘Burn The Fat’is great for anyone, male or female, who takes an active interest in losing body fat, getting themselves into better shape and staying in shape.  And you also don’t need a PhD to understand the content as Tom keeps things in layman’s terms (thank goodness :) ).  There’s no condecending remarks or comments – by the end you’ll see Tom not only as a mentor but a friend and guide. 

How will this benefit you?

What’s great is that Tom understands that not everyone is the same, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.  He presents you with the facts and you incorporate what applies to you and your body type.  You’ll find out the best nutrition and training plan for you.

What didn’t I like about the book?

Well, the length of it may seem daunting to some, but it didn’t really bother me personally.  341 pages is long for any book, especially an e-book, and there’s a tremendous amount of detail in there, which you can explore at your leisure.  In saying this though, I did feel that the section on actual exercises and exercise routines could perhaps have been more padded out, or even made into a separate ebook to give more opportunity for embellishment - but then again, that would have made the book even longer, so maybe it’s best as is.

What else do I get?

As for the bonuses that Tom throws in you get some great information on food types, tips on measuring your body fat and even a bunch of recipes too, so look out for them.

I can wholly recommend ‘Burn The Fat: Feed The Muscle’  as one of the best tell-it-like-it-is fat loss programs which is packed with great content.  It represents excellent value for money, and is a welcome surprise compared to the normal recycled fluff that we get sent, and at an affordable price. 

I think everyone can benefit from using the ideas and strategies laid out in ‘Burn The Fat’, whether they’re a professional bodybuilder preparing for their next competition or somebody who’s never set foot in a gym.  All are welcome and all can learn.  If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to educate yourself, you’ll see results. 
Tom’s ability to explain complex facts and processes in simple, unscientific language is one of the main pluses of the book.  You’ll learn so much without even realising it – and that is one of the signs of a great teacher.

Verdict:  Highly Recommended   5 Out Of 5  

All I can say is if you want to get fit, get educated!

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Thanks, Ed.

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